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Modern Literature: 3 Authors You Should Know About

Unlike traditional writing, modern literature has given new enlightenment to literature writing. Experimentation with literary form of writing and expressions has paved new ways to look at literature that was not possible earlier. The modern writers are thinkers, visionaries, and creators who have penned down their imaginations miraculously in beautiful works of art. There are some writer and authors of modern literature you must know about.

Here are three famous authors of modern literature who have taken it to newer heights:

  1. Jeff VanderMeer
  2. Jeff VanderMeer is an acclaimed writer who had made new waves with his last release of a trilogy named Southern Reach. The first of the trilogy being Annihilation, the second being Authority and the third one Acceptance. His brilliantly penned down, tautly plotted novels have always been awaited by impatient serial readers.

  3. Joan Wickersham
  4. Joan Wickersham is a well-known name for the residents of the New York City. Her works have appeared in many famous newspapers and magazines such as The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Nonrequired Reading, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times and The International Herald Tribune. Her beautifully written memoir named The Suicide Index was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her recent release named The News From Spain beautifully portrays the consolations, imperfect beauty, and complications behind an elegant and refreshing exploration of real grownup love.

  5. Michael Kimbell
  6. The works of Michael Kimbell have always attracted a wide audience. His writings have been translated into many other languages. His beautiful portrayal and deceptively simple language always seem to creep up on the readers with profound truths.