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Writing an essay about your favorite author

You may have a thousand thoughts and millions of feelings about the author you admire most but when you start to pen them down in a few words it seems a next to impossible task. How can I write about the author I have grown up reading since my childhood and that also in a few words? There are so many novels and stories to talk about, so many poems that have been deciphered almost a million times, and so much to admire about their personality and writing style. Of course, the task is not an easy one when we have so much to speak about that if not mentioned will make the writing incomplete.

Writing an essay about your favorite author is like experiencing a virtual reality. You analyze and live every moment from their childhood to adulthood as you pen them down. The town in which they were born, the schools, colleges, and teaching institutes they were once enrolled in, their career paths that they followed, and their personal aspects that impacted their writings profoundly. Not to mention, it's like experiencing their lives in front of your eyes chapter by chapter. And then comes a mention of their profound successes and preliminary failures. Also, the best part I enjoy writing is what makes the author my favorite. What aspect of his or her writings influences me the most? Once you can honestly pen-down each and every detail influencing the life and writings of your favorite author, you can claim your essay to be complete at its best.

If you also struggle with words thinking about how to write an essay on your favorite author, here are some tips:

  • Do some research about the life and history of your favorite author
  • List down their major achievements as well as failures
  • Figure out their forte
  • Think what you like most about his or her writings
  • Analyze what qualities in the writing of the author influence you most
  • Plan a layout for your essay
  • Pen down your inferences in most effective vocabulary (you can even refer the dictionary for some nice adjectives to define the personality of your author!)
  • Pick a compelling title and don’t forget to plan an impressive introduction

And there you go! You have accomplished the seemingly difficult task of writing a perfectly planned essay on your favorite author!