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4 Tips for Writing an Essay about Books

Writing book essays presents you with a chance to pervade the book’s storyline. There’s no limit on the information you present. Below are great tips to guide you when writing book essays.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Select a book you want to write about. Your teacher or instructor may already have picked up a book for you. Give a brief introduction of the book and describe your thesis and its author. Highlight why you are writing about this specific manuscript.

  3. Determine the length
  4. You may already have an idea about the predisposed word count; say at 500-1000 words. This is a whole essay and allows you enough room to explain the storyline, describe the plot, and to disseminate arguments. You can also mention the morals conveyed in the book.

  5. Writing Style and Format
  6. Most academic writing formats require that you use MLA or APA usual writing style. So, if you were writing an assigned essay, using MLA format, use theme font Times New Roman, 12-point.Space out the page margins with one-inch boarders on both sides. Double space the paragraphs throughout the essay.

  7. Read the book
  8. If you were assigned to write an essay about a book titled “The Count of Florence,” for example. You must be familiar with the subject matter within the narrative behind "The Count of Florence." So your first sentence is straightforward and tells the book and its author. The next sentences should talk about the storyline, background, and finally the concluding paragraph.