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The Miraculous Side Of Helena Blavatsky

Helena Blavatsky is one of the most phenomenal and influential thinkers from the nineteenth century who obliterated the conflicting images of an author, adventuress, mystic, occultist, guru, and charlatan. Helena was born at Ekaterinoslav, Russia, as a daughter of Col. Peter Hahn. Her obligation to miracles and her commanding personality as a performer won her a large following at times.

Surrounded By Mystery

Raised in an air saturated with fantasy and superstition, Blavatsky had an enigmatic personality since childhood. Suspicion and mystery have always surrounded her. She was often found in a dark tower with her pigeons induced to a mesmeric sleep by stroking. She was unruly and often shocked everyone with her masculine behavior at times.

Words have it that Blavatsky evidently showed signs of somnambulism wherein she used to speak aloud and walk in sleep as a child. She claimed of watching eyes glaring at her peeking through inanimate objects from which she would fly away screaming and frightening. Blavatsky had remarkable powers of make-believe. She also possessed natural musical talents. With a fearful temper and a passionate curiosity to unveil the unknown and weird, Blavatsky displayed intense craving to set herself free into independence and action.

A Wild Life

Blavatsky married General Blavatsky, at an early age of 17, but soon escaped after three months. She fled abroad to live a wild life for almost ten years wandering all over the world searching for mysteries. After she returned to Russia, she had well-developed mediumistic gifts. One can hear all sorts of whisperings, raps, and other mysterious sounds from her house. She possessed the power to move objects at her will, could vary their weight and could sweep the winds through the apartment lighting-off the lamps and candles.

New York Arrival

After an initial stay in New York in 1873 as a dressmaker, Blavatsky took up journalism to write on Spiritualism for magazines.

Practices Under Investigation

The practices of Blavatsky were put under investigation and found fraudulent. A report published after the printing of the letters of Coulomb in the Madras Christian Magazine created sensation throughout masses. As a result, the Theosophical Society was discredited.

Publishing The Secret Doctrine

Blavatsky miraculously succeeded in putting down every attack throughout her lifetime thereby continuing her work gaining new adherents to Theosophy. Her work The Secret Doctrine was published and claimed to be written under a supernormal condition.

Centuries have accepted her as an extraordinarily gifted individual possessing psychic powers.