10 Fitness Tips for Moms with Hectic routines

Posted By on March 5, 2014


It is not a secret today that “moms” are special people with extraordinary routine starting from early morning and working till late night performing numerous chores of daily life including cooking, cleaning, taking care of husband and children and also working various jobs. In all of this chaos, how to take care of her own self?

It may seem impossible to add you in your caring schedule but it is not. Just know that a little bit of exercise will make your job easy comparatively. Now why is that? One of the many reasons is simply the enhancement of your energy levels. And this actually helps you in maintaining your hectic routine.www.sao.org

10 tips for you to add up in your routine for your own good:

1. Don’t reschedule: You don’t need to rearrange or postpone your daily timetable to add exercising in it. If you get even 10-15 minutes to use in a workout, just do it. Every little bit helps, believe me.

2. Most beneficial but minimum time consuming workout: Resistance training is what you should have. In other words, it means that people having more muscle have the ability to burn fatter comparatively. For getting more muscle, just try to attain a toned and healthy figure.

3. Shake it up: The truth about working out is it has to be interesting, and for being interesting it calls for a changed workout i.e. don’t repeat the exercise because just like medicine the repeatedly done workouts have a decreasing effect on its efficiency. If you start getting bored of a workout routine just shake it up or change it altogether.

4. Motivation: For getting better results you need motivation. Include some motivations before, during or after the workout session. You can add background music while doing the exercise or stick some motivating quotes to the walls or doors where you like to work out.

5. Partners in workout: It is not unheard of that people, especially busy moms, get distracted or lose interest in exercising but there is also a solution to this problem; add a partner. Going through the workout routine can get easier if you are not alone.

6. Sleep well: If you really want to get in shape just be aware that lack of sleep is your number one anti-fan.

7. Motivator hunt: Is there some one you want to impress or is there an amazing piece of clothing you want to fit in to? Use these as a motivator to get in to a healthy routine of exercising.

8. Be there: Be there for you kids. Play with them. Use this tip as a mutual beneficial one, play games and also have a workout session simultaneously.

9. Say No to Sugar: Here I am referring to using sweet alternatives of cookies, e.g. carrots. This is important as sugar is another enemy you have to avoid.

10.Don’t hear the pessimistic inner voice: Trust yourself, you can do it and don’t let your pessimistic inner voice tell you otherwise.